How to Play Nitro Type

How to Play Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a multiplayer car racing game where you type your way to victory. You can create your account on their website or play as a guest to try out the game. Players start the game with a basic vehicle matched up with several other players on a race track. As the race begins, the players type the words they see on the screen to make their cars accelerate as much as possible.

The fastest and the most accurate typist wins the race. Nitro Type focuses on accurate typing more than the speed. Accurate typing earns you an in-game boost that allows you to accelerate even faster. Players can earn nitros and cash by winning races, which can be used to buy new cars. The players can also create teams to race with other teams. Nitro Type also features chat functions that let the players send each other predetermined responses during races.

You can also put up unique titles for yourself in this competitive typing game. The titles are strings of text that show under a player’s display name. The players can also earn titles by completing different achievements.

Nitro Type is a “free to play” multiplayer game. But, an ad-free premium Gold account costs $9.99. You can use all of the features without the upgrade, though.

The game is outstandingly good for the kids and adults alike. It keeps them engaged, while also significantly improving their typing speed and accuracy. It also provides a competitive platform for those people who want to flex their typing speed on others.

However, Nitro Type does not teach you how to type. The game will improve your existing typing skills, accuracy, and speed, but it will not guide you on how to type faster.



How to hack Nitro Type?

Nitro Type is an online browser game, so it can be easily hacked using scripts. Find the script you want to use and open the JavaScript console on Google Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J. You can also inject scripts using the extension called Tamper Monkey on Mozilla Firefox.

How to get free money on Nitro Type?

You can get free money on Nitro Type by using a free money script through the JavaScript console on Google Chrome.

How to get unlimited money on Nitro Type?

You can get unlimited money in the game by using free money scripts again and again. You can use the Tamper Monkey extension on Mozilla Firefox to enter the scripts into Nitro Type.

How to get the Wampus in Nitro Type?

Wampus is the rarest opponent in this competitive typing game. It is a bot that randomly shows up in races. If you succeed in defeating The Wampus in a race, then the winner will receive an extra $50,000. The Wampus has the title “You’ll Never Beat Me!”. Defeating The Wampus will award you with the title “Wampus Thwamper.” Since he is the rarest opponent in the game, keep playing, and you are bound to find him in one of your races.

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